1. The New Physics does not prove that mysticism, whether Eastern or Western, is true. For mysticism and physics occupy different levels on the Great Chain of Being. If anything, the New Physics shows that there are "parallels" between levels of reality.

2. The fact that a certain healers or teachers are famous, have written a book, or produced "miraculous" results for their clients does not mean that they do not have powerful issues of their own to look at. You cannot stand still in today's energies. If they are not growing, they are falling behind and their students should look elsewhere.

3. It would help the cause of growth, if New Age folks who constantly remind us how we "create our own realities" would distinguish between allowing, manifesting, projecting, and attracting -- all at both conscious and unconscious levels.

4. From the fact that a person's own unhealthy emotions, "shadow," or negative thought-forms (as they are sometimes called) attract external dark energies, it does not follow that such dark entities are nothing more than projections of our own shadow. There is logical error in attempting to deduce "X is Y" from merely "X causes Y."

5. Relationships, like everything else, are mirrors for ourselves -- often for "stuff" we otherwise would not confront. If something isn't working in your relationship, there are underlying issues that both you and your partner need to look at.

6. "You are perfect just as you are" (as the Unity folks like to remind us) only makes sense within a process, not a static, framework of living. Viewed statically, it would mean we never have to change (since we're perfect forever). As a process metaphor, it means that we (together with all our issues and emotional baggage) are perfect at the moment we say these words, but are willing to change in the next minute.

7. If we compare the transmissions coming from arguably very good channelers, not only is it extremely difficult to get a consistent picture of the universe, our origins, history, and a profile of our own issues (not to mention past lives), but also the "personality" who treats you like a personal friend in one context often acts as if you've never talked before when brought through another channel.   If you ask five otherwise very credible channelers (or the beings or records to which they claim to be connected) "When was the final disintegration of Atlantis?" you will likely get five different answers.  This, in itself, may not be that important, especially if there is a general convergence of dates.  But such diversity could be very important if one is consulting a channeler (either trance or telepathic) over a serious health challenge.   

8. Critics of alleged New Age or Alternative Medicine "blame the victim" mindsets miss the point. If I fail to deal with a negative emotion that clearly represses my immune system and hastens the onset of a chronic disease, then I am to that extent "responsible" for the disease. But from the fact that I am responsible (to whatever degree) it does not follow that I should be blamed for acquiring the disease. The word 'responsible' doesn't mean just "blameworthy;" it also means "capable of instituting a change" or literally "response-ability."

9. Too many people in the New Age or Self-Help movements seem to think that by coming to understand their issues and emotions in a certain enlightened way -- and let us simply grant the enlightenment, for discussion's sake -- they have thereby dealt with them. But talking about one's emotional body from the perspective of one's mental body is still not the same as being in one's emotions. Despite considerable efforts by powerful forces behind the scenes to avoid this historic event or to cast it in a certain negative way, Ashtar Command -- representing the Galactic Federation -- plus some positively oriented extraterrestrial groups acting unilaterally will come into full, confirmed, and public consciousness in the 1997-98 time frame, ready or not! Indeed, it almost became an election year issue in 1996. Those in power know what the score is, so much so that they may attempt to engineer an ET "arrival" and portray them in a very negative light precisely to cause a negative reaction by an unwitting public to peaceful Federation overtures.

10. Before you run off to the ashram to "transcend your ego" it would be a good idea to acknowledge fully that you have one. Otherwise, the job won't get done.

11. Of course there are little and big conspiracies everywhere -- in politics, drug-running, weapons systems and exotic technologies, health-care delivery, and banking. Educating oneself about these can help produce more enlightened decisions and perspectives. Even helping to expose them can be useful. But the energies of the planet are such that, standing in your own light, rather than getting overly exercised about opposing such developments, will prove to be a more effective strategy for change. Soon, hidden power-brokers simply will not be able to survive in the transforming field-consciousness of the planet.

12. I suggest caution with health practitioners and personal counselors who spend more time trying to convince you that you need what they have to offer than they do in listening to what's really going on with you. All the latest products and methods may well be quite good, but not necessarily optimum for you in the absence of other products or methods that anchor the foundation.

13.  It's been said many times, but always bears repeating: If you don't make clear choices between the paths of love and of fear, the universe will consipire to force them on you, and the longer you wait the more difficult this choice will become. In politics, the media, and in personal relationships, for example, it is not difficult to see fear-paths in particular becoming very entrenched.

14. Merely having (what one perceives to be) the right belief-system and reinforcing it with one-liners for like-minded people is NOT what it's all about. For example, I am a bit wary of people who constantly remind others that something is in divine order as a way to avoid confronting the deeper lessons of a difficult situation. I sometimes encounter people who project some of their issues on to others, but when they are called on it seem to think that divine order means that only the other person has something to look at; in other words, it can serve as a kind of cosmic justification for living in denial about some issues.

15. I sometimes find issues of trust, safety, and discernment in the back of simplistic generalizations, like "Everything is just energy." You've no doubt heard it claimed, for example, that "God is just the universal vibration of all things" (or something close to this). There is truth here, I think, but more significantly it leaves out reference to consciousness, intelligence, caring, and one's personal relationship to God/Goddess -- however else they may be conceived. "God is energy" may help keep credibility with one's scientific friends, but something a little more vulnerable like "Last night I gave thanks to the Goddess for the opportunity to be of service in times of great transformation" will nurture one's authenticity with one's higher self, one's god or goddess, or all three.

16. One minute the metaphysician may quote quantum physics to "prove" some point about creating one's reality, but in the next remind us that whatever is our truth is no less correct that his -- even if it runs in the opposite direction. The right to have one's beliefs is not the isssue here. Simple consistency is. If one person says that Atlantis existed and the other one says that it did not, one is correct in their belief and one is not, even though both may have an equal need to believe their own "truth". The transformational value of a belief is important, but so is its truth value.

17. I'm attracted to the phrase "Descended Master" -- someone who is spiritually very advanced, but who brings all their gifts fully into the physical, who owns their body, and who moves with grace, clarity, and empowerment in 3-D, rather than looking for the quickest ascension routes out of here. I am reminded in this respect of the buddhist precept that the highest stage of realization is not just the experience of nirvana, but the direct experience of the identity of nirvana with samsara (the flux).