Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) Florida State University, 1965

Master of Arts (Philosophy) Florida State University, 1967

Thesis: Bergson's Analysis of Change

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Miami, 1969

Dissertation: Personal Identity and Individuation with Reference to the Theories of H.D. Lewis and Sidney Shoemaker



NDEA Fellow (University of Miami)

NEH Summer Fellow (Brown University, 1974)

Salary Supplement for Faculty Excellence
(Georgia State University, 1975-76, 1985-86)

Georgia State University Research Grant (Spring 1983, Summer, 1976/1985)

President, Georgia Philosophical Society (1983-84)

NEH Summer Fellow (UC-Berkeley, 1990)

Invited Participant, International Futures Forum,
St. Andrews, Scotland, 2001-3



Assistant Professor of Philosophy
University of Central Arkansas
September, 1969-July, 1972

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Georgia State University
September, 1972-78

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Georgia State University
September, 1978-2001 (Emeritus, 2001)

Acting Chair
Department of Philosophy
Georgia State University, 1986-87


COURSES TAUGHT (1969 -2001):

Introduction to Philosophy
Logic (both introductory and advanced)
Philosophy of Science
Theory of Knowledge
Metaphysics (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Eastern Philosophy (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Consciousness Studies: Seminar for Honors Students
Worldviews and Theories of Human Nature (Graduate only)
Logic and Conspiracy Theory (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Spiritual Pathways (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Philosophical Problems of the Paranormal



Executive Committee, University Senate, 1971

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Philosophy Department, 1974-2001

Educational Program Self-Study Committee, Arts and Sciences, 1976

Dean's Committee: Student Evaluation of Faculty, Arts and Sciences, 1976

Chairman, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Arts and Sciences, 1977-79

Chairman, Improvement of Instruction Committee, Arts and Sciences, 75-77,

Chairman, Distinguished Professors Award Committee, Arts and Sciences, 80

Executive Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1981-83

Steering Committee, B.I.S. Degree, College of Arts and Sciences, 1982-83

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Arts and Sciences, 1983-84

Graduate Curriculum Committee, Arts and Sciences, 1983-84

Department Honors Director, 1983-84

University Senate Representative, Faculty Affairs Committee 1984-85

Dean's Committee for the Study of Religion, 1986

Executive Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1987-89.

Petitions Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1991-1993

Executive Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1992-1994

Chairman, Grievance Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1993-1995

Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, Arts and Sciences, 1993-1994

Chairman, Semester Conversion Committee, Dept. of Philosophy, 1996

Chairman, Department Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1998-2000



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Manuscript Reviewer for Wadsworth Publishing Company

Editorial Board, Journal of Near-Death Studies

Referee for Teaching Philosophy

NEH Workshop on Argumentative Writing, California Lutheran College, 1985

Program Chair, National TREAT IV Conference, Atlanta, April, 1992

Invited Participant, International Futures Forum, St. Andrews, Scotland, 2001-2003



Developed substantive criteria for College Teaching Award, 1980

Chair of College Committee for Improvement of Instruction, 1975-77

Developed unique and highly successful pre-text for introductory courses, 8 editions adopted nationally